Upstore Premium Link Generator

Upstore Premium Link generator Website

Upstore is probably the best file sharing website on earth! It has more than 2 Billion Files Uploaded on it and has more than 600 Active users in which 30 Million are Premium users. Upstore allows file sharing on all countries and has a very fast server. Upstore also has features like file lock, unlisted files , private files and custom URL of files, which means you can lock any file you have uploaded and can unlist them if you don’t want search engines like google and yahoo to list them on their pages additionally you can set a file to private, this feature doesn’t allow anyone to see the file only logged in users can download the file. Lastly, For premium uploaders who own websites can use the custom feature to customize the URL of the file instead of random generated letters and numbers.

The premium Feature was added to upstore due to a lot of server load past years. To solve this problem they fixed downloading speed by limiting it for all users. The Users who were frequent users of the file sharing were given a premium features with a price, premium accounts allows high speed download over internet and has no file upload limits.

Many users complain download failures due to the limited speed. So we have made a Program which can generate premium download links of a specific URL when inserted in it.
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